Welcome to Party Treatment, where you'll find the blueprint to your next event. I'm so glad you came to visit!

In our shop you will find invitations, party designs, shower games, party printables, gifts and more. Designs are sold as DIY instant downloads, personalized printables or can be printed by us and shipped straight to your front door. 

Party Treatment is a home based business located in Memphis, Tennessee, where I live with my supportive husband and our two handsome sons. They inspire me to keep discovering, designing and imagining, which is why they are considered part of the team.



My name is Victoria Shari, founder and designer of Party Treatment. I became interested in party design while planning my son's first birthday in 2012. It wasn't until I was temporarily laid off from teaching that I discovered the Etsy marketplace and turned this new interest into supplemental income for my family.

After returning to the classroom, I continued creating and designing invitations. By this time, mere fondness and interest turned into a true passion and love of all things paper, party, and personalized.


If I am ever sick or swamped with work, thank my husband for stepping in and rushing to the post office to ensure shipments meet their expected ship by date. You can refer to him as "The Shipper". He truly does some 007 manuevering to ensure time senstitive orders make it before the last pickup of the day, with seconds to spare. I just call him Mr. Wonderful.


My eldest 4 year old son, ensures quantity control by counting your envelopes and invitations before shipping. He is also very skilled at selecting the correct number of invitations to print and clicking the print button. (No worries, I supervise)


Our youngest son is seven months old. Until he can do physical labor, he is regulated to testing out all our new onesie sets to ensure they can hold up to the drool, spit-ups and other messes of babies.